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6*M GCH High-Tor Anise

Show Placings:

2011- Lost Valley D.G.A. RGCH- Yearling Milker

2011- Lost Valley D.G.A. GCH- Yearling Milker

2011- Ventura County Fair GCH- Yearling Milker


2013- Antelope Valley Fair GCH- 3 year old


2014- San Bernardino County Fair GCH- 4 year old

2014- San Bernardino County Fair GCH, BSDIS- 4 year old

2014- San Bernardino County Fair RGCH- 4 year old

2014- Lost Valley D.G.A. GCH

2014- Ventura County Fair RGCH

2017- San Diego County Fair RGCH

2017 Ventura County Fair RGCH

Click here to view Anise's pedigree and milk records! 

Linear History:
2012: 02-03 VG89 (VVEE)
2014: 03-04 EX90 (EVVE)
2015: 05-04 EX92 (EEEE)

Anise is a very correct doe who has held up tremendously well throughout the years. At age 8, Anise is still very sound on her feet and legs and is still very competitive in the show ring as an aged doe. Anise has a very correct mammary system with great rear udder height held very tightly into her escutcheon along with her fore udder being very smoothly blended into her rear barrel.

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